About Linda's Voice

Named in memory of Linda Ann Moore and started by her three daughters, Amanda, Kelley and Summer, Linda’s Voice was established in early 2012 to help women find the strength to leave abusive relationships and lead productive and fulfilled lives.

Linda was only 40-years-old when her second husband, after years of emotionally abusing her, murdered her in cold blood in their home in Texas. Linda left behind three little girls and a message they carry with them today.

Domestic abuse, whether physical, emotional or verbal, is about power and control over a woman and it destroys a woman’s sense of self-worth and inner strength. Frequently women feel chained to their abuser and do not know how to leave. The three sisters started Linda’s Voice to help women break that chain.


What others have to say
  • Linda's daughters are doing a wonderful job of creating a support system for victims of domestic abuse and inspiring them to reclaim their lives. I highly recommend everyone to take notice of the movement that Linda's Voice is creating.

    - Eva Longoria